Duct Replacement

Need duct repair or replacement? Call Hibdon's Heat and Air

Air ducts play a vital role in your home’s HVAC system, and over time, they may need a little TLC. Hibdon’s Heat and Air in Oklahoma City, OK comes to the aid of homeowners throughout the community to ensure their ducts are intact and working correctly. Keeping up with annual maintenance of your HVAC system allows our techs to periodically inspect the ductwork to ensure there are no splits or broken seams. However, if you suspect you might have an issue with your ducts, contact us for service right away.

Why air duct inspection and repair is important

If you had some kind of accident or damage to your home, it might be obvious that the ducts are damaged and need repair. However, other, more subtle harm to ducts may not be visible to you. Annual inspections are an excellent way to stay ahead of significant duct damage, but there are other signs you may need duct repair, such as:

An Increase in Energy Bills – If there are gaps in your ducts, heat and cool air will escape before it reaches the rooms in your home. This requires your unit to work harder to heat and cool the house, raising your energy bills.

Loud Sounds – If you hear any crashing or bending metal sounds, that could signify a break or crack in your ducts.

Frequent Filter Changes – If your filter requires more frequent changes than usual it could be from more dust getting into the system than expected through cracks or gaps in the ducts.

Signs of Pests – Pests and insects can find their way into ducts for nesting through cracks and tears. If you notice an increase in pests around the house, that could be a sign you need duct repair.

Repair Or Replace?

No homeowner wants to deal with broken ducts causing uneven heating and cooling in rooms or high energy bills, so it’s critical to call professional HVAC technicians when you first notice a problem. The Hibdon’s Heat and Air team in Oklahoma City provides detailed residential ductwork assessments to properly identify the issue. Once we’ve figured out the cause and severity of the damage, we can offer a professional opinion on whether the ducts can be repaired or if some or all of the ducts should be replaced. Placing a band-aid over a more extensive issue will mean more calls for repairs in the near future. We’re committed to providing the best solutions to minimize our customers’ ductwork problems as affordably as possible with long-lasting results. Contact us for an estimate today.